About Us

Vital Business Communications Limited is the longest established mobile phone dealer in the area. Formed on the 8 August 1988, a lucky date according to the Chinese, by Duncan and Julian Beattie.

Store in Crakemarsh

With over 30 years of experience in the mobile communications business they pride themselves in offering a professional, friendly service. A great number of sales come directly from their customers recommending them to their friends and business colleagues, they know they can rely on them.

They have seen a lot of people come and go in the mobile phone business, people sell something unsuitable for the customer, then they change their name or just disappear.

They initially sold Cellnet and Vodafone networks, followed by Orange since the day it was launched 28th April 1994. They are now an independent dealer offering EE.

Vital also offers direct connections to the other networks. So, if EE isn’t right for the customer they can connect them to one of the other networks.